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10 Interesting Facts about India that you should know

Here's 10 interesting facts about India that will trigger a series of emotions inside you. Some that'll raise your eyebrows, some that will put a smile on your face and some that will just make you feel sad.

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Life In Slum From Childs Perspective

You must have often passed by a slum in your cars, often holding a handkerchief to your nose, or even turning your head away, maybe. The thought of stepping in a slum, let alone living in it, must have never crossed your mind.

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Essential features of every rehabilitation project

India has been a fast-developing country for decades now and one of the biggest challenges we face is poverty. The major indicator of poverty is a large number of slums in metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. However, the Government is trying to tackle the project at the roots with slum rehabilitation schemes.

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Kathputali Colony – From Inception To Redemption

It all began in the early 1970s, when a handful of performers from Rajasthan migrated to Delhi’s Shadipur region. Shadipur, then, was one of the most convenient locations to commute to several parts of Delhi.

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What is Slum Rehabilitation and how is it helping Delhi?

Though India is taking rapid steps towards development, we can’t ignore the fact that slums in this country have grown by 100% in the past two decades. No one is oblivious to the inhuman living conditions of slum dwellers. Slum rehabilitation is not just the process of providing them with better homes, it is a noble step of uplifting them.

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Real progress in society can be measured by how we treat those who are less fortunate than us. Today, you woke up in a home that offers privacy, safety and comfort – but many are not as fortunate.

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DDA slum redevelopment projects in Delhi India

Our nation is developing rapidly and an increasing number of skyscrapers in metro-cities definitely second that fact. But that's just one side of the coin as slums in these metro-cities underline how we are still struggling to overcome typical third world problems like poverty, population and hygiene.

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A Ray of Hope for One of Delhi’s Largest Slums - Kathputli Colony

Slums are an unhappy reality of our country. Kathputli Colony is one such slum in India. Located in New Delhi between the Metro and the railway line, it is one of the largest slum clusters in Delhi.

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Slum Rehabilitation Project in Delhi

The 40-year-old slum in New Delhi, Kathputli Colony, is famous for its dense population of puppeteers, acrobats, jugglers, musicians, dancers, magicians and more.

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What is slum Rehabilitation?

Despite the growing economy, the number of slum dwellers in India is only rising. One of the reasons behind this is the migration of people from villages and small towns to urban areas.

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How have rehabilitation schemes changed life in slums?

Slums are often categorised as the biggest obstacle to the infrastructural development of a country. Everyone will agree that the categorisation is quite valid but there are very few genuine attempts made to tackle the problem.

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Life In Slums

We are privileged to live a life with access to all basic needs and luxuries. But there are millions of others who are not only alien to luxury, but are deprived of their basic needs too.

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A Pool Of Talent Waiting To Be Tapped

Who doesn’t remember the chaaiwaala from the slums who went on to become a billionaire in the critically acclaimed movie Slumdog Millionaire? But a negligible few manage to rise from the slums and showcase their talent in the real world.

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Solutions to India’s rising slum problem

It is estimated that around 1 billion people in the world live in below par lifestyle conditions. A large share of that is in Indian slums.

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Latest Development

DDA NOTICES More Details

DOOR TO DOOR SURVEY BY DDA While the transit camp was getting constructed, DDA in the meantime went for door to door survey in 2010-11 where each and every jhuggi in the cluster was numbered so that illegitimate claims could be averted
More Details

Assigning Permanent Unique Number (PUN) This being the first slum redevelopment of Delhi, DDA shall take every care to keep complete transparency and the Permanent Unique Number (PUN) allotted to every JJ slum dweller... More Details

Signing of Tripartite Agreement Tripartite agreement will be signed between JJ dwellers, DDA and Developer ... More Details

New Look at the Transit Camp Apart from the other facilities, there is a medical mobile van, school for children and mother dairy which have already become functional. Provision for general store is also there.... More Details


Possession & Registration People of Kathputli Colony doing registration at the counter and taking possession of their Transit Camp Unit at Anand Parbat..... More Details


Voices of Kathputli Dwellers

Transit Camp

FACILITIES PROVIDED AT THE TRANSIT CAMP The camp has various facilities like RO filtered drinking water, Wide roads, Electricity... More Details

Actual Video of transit camp To view the Actual Video of already constructed, Existing Transit Camp

Proposed in-situ units

Facilities at proposed In-Situ Resettlement Housing Complex for JJ Slum Dwellers at Kathputli Colony Adequate facilities and provisions have been created for performance, training on the ground to conduct their performance sessions.
More Details

LAYOUT PLANS OF PROPOSED EWS UNITS Layout Plan of the Proposed EWS Apartments to be Constructed In-Situ at Kathputli Colony
More Details

Video of Proposed EWS Unit To view the Rendered Walkthrough of the proposed apartment to be constructed by developer at Kathputli Colony.